Muroran Institute of Technology is delighted to host the inaugural conference. All presentations murowill be held in the C and A buildings of Muroran Institute of Technology. The rooms in these buildings are of two types - computer labs (2x50 and 3x30 Windows computers in the rooms with projectors) and standard rooms with projectors. When submitting please advise which room type you'd prefer.


You should also be able to choose from hot spring hotels in the Noboribetsu region. Noboribetsu is one of the three major hot spring areas of Japan.

Muroran Institute of Technology is about 1 hour from the famous Noboribetsu hotsprings by public transport. There are a number of hotels there. If staying in Muroran, please choose a hotel near Higashi Muroran Station. There are several but the following are suggested. Route Inn, New Budget, Sun Route, and the Green hotel.
There are buses that run to Muroran Institute of Technology from the Muroran hotels area and taxis are not that expensive, particularly if shared. Muroran Institute of Technology is about 5 minutes from Higashi Muroran Station by taxi, and 10 minutes by the #77 bus. These are not that frequent (one/hour).

Travel information


For those coming from Sapporo, a 4 ticket train set between Sapporo and Higashi Muroran is available  You can share with someone else who is coming down.
9,240 yen for four tickets bought as a set works out to 2,310 yen a trip. If two people share the tickets, this is a very reasonable way to travel on the express trains (Suzuran and Hokuto). Suzuran stops at Washibetsu - good for walkers. Hokuto stops at Higashi-Muroran but not Washibetsu.

Bus travel is even cheaper, but takes a little longer. People can get off at Washibetsu and walk up to the university or wait at a local bus stop for a bus heading up the hill. A return ticket Sapporo-Muroran is 3,860

From Shin Chitose airport

Again, you can take the train or bus. Again the 4 ticket option, which can be bought at the airport, is cheaper so if you are traveling with someone, look into that at the JR counter at Shin Chitose airport. Buses also go between Muroran and the airport.

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is Sapporo (officially called Shin-Chitose airport). International flights arrive directly from Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Honolulu, and Guam. It is linked with Tokyo Narita and Haneda airports as well as all other major airports in Japan.

Attending the conference

This first conference, as it will be co-sponsored by Muroran Institute of Technology's Center for Multimedia Aided Education, will be free of charge (a 5000 yen banquet will be held on the Saturday night. All costs involved with your own transportation, accommodation, meals and any other costs will have to be borne by each participant.)

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