APVEA: dedicated to bringing the students of this vast region closer together through virtual exchange.

Our 4th Biennial conference will take place on the 4th and 5th of December 2021. The conference will be a fully online conference due to Covid. Please click here for more information on the conference. The schedule for the conference is here. Registration is here.

Zoom link for Dec 4


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APVEA promotes the IVEProject as one project that will ensure your students can participate in VE. Of course, there are many other VE that are available and the Stevens Initiative and Unicollaboration are places you can look if the IVEProject is not for you.

The position paper on virtual exchange created by the INTENT project group states that "Virtual exchanges are technology-enabled, sustained, people to people education programs. These entail the engagement of groups of students in online intercultural exchange, interaction and collaboration with peers from partner classes in geographically distant locations, under the guidance of educators and/or expert facilitators."

APVEA aims to promote virtual exchanges within the Asia Pacific. APVEA also wants to work with educators to improve the quality of these exchanges and research the most effective ways for them to ensure language and cultural development and understanding occurs.

The fourth biennial APVEA conference will probably be held online but if the pandemic allows, we will have it face-to-face on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Aquinas College has kindly agreed to be our venue. The choice of a high school for the venue is on purpose as Virtual Exchange needs to urgently be incorporated into high school curricular too. It is wonderful to see Aquinas using VE in their Japanese classes.

The third biennial APVEA conference finished in May 2019. The book that eventuated from that conference was recently published and can be seen here.

At the recently finished conference, the general meeting was held and it was decided that the IVEProject would be one of the projects APVEA promotes.