APVEA 2017 schedule

The second APVEA conference schedule


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March 25

0900~0930 Registration
0930~0945 Opening
0945~1010 Paper 1 - Lluis Valls and Juan Manuel Diaz "Production of shared intercultural knowledge in an online intercultural exchange between Spain and Japan, and its difficulties"
1010~1035 Paper 2 - Rita Augusto and Fernanda Peçanha Carvalho "Intercultural and linguistic exchange projects carried on by three schools in Brazil, Argentina and Sweden"
1035~1100 Coffee Break
1100~1200 Keynote 1 - Professor Gilberte Furstenberg "Some keys to creating a successful virtual intercultural exchange within a language class: a view from the creator of a longstanding project
1200~1330 Lunch
1330~1430 Posters
1430~1455 Paper 3 - Masahito Watanabe "Project Ibunka – Pursuing an ideal writing leaning environment for students"
1455~1520 Paper 4 - Carolin Fuchs "Interactional Affordances and Curricular Constraints in a U.S.-Hong Kong Telecollaboration"
1520~1545 Paper 5 - Naoko Sourial "Connecting “Senpai” and “Kohai” through a Blog-based Junior Sensei Project"
1545~1605 Coffee Break
1605~1705 Roundtable 1 Led by Rocio Blasco "Would Confucius approve? Virtual Exchange and Confucian Heritage Cultures"

March 26

0900~0925 Paper 6 - Brendan Van Deusen "Rethinking Collaboration in Telecollaboration"
0930~1030 Roundtable 2 Led by David Campbell "Creating a wish list for the perfect virtual exchange system"
1030~1050 Coffee Break
1050~1115 Paper 7 - Mariana Bono "Online Communities Projects in the Advanced Language Classroom"
1120~1220 Keynote 2 - Prof. Dorothy Chun "Challenges for Learners and Teachers in Telecollaborative Intercultural Exchanges"
1220~1250 Closing remarks and APVEA general meeting