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Tele-partial-collaboration for in-class collaboration

Hisae Matsui Princeton University

Hisae Matsui is a lecturer in the Department of East Asian Studies at Princeton University. She received her Ed.D. in Technology Education and M.A. in TESOL/Linguistics from West Virginia University (USA). At Princeton University, she has been teaching Japanese language from elementary to advanced levels.

As information technology has advanced rapidly, telecollaboration has become much more common practice compared to it’s infancy period decades ago. Although there are some studies for telecollaborative projects involving different disciplines, the majority of the projects involve two-language classrooms. Communicating with native speakers and learning their opinions is undeniably a valuable experience for students; however, these crucial learning opportunities may not be assimilated by students and end up with mere novel experiences if the project was cut off from the main curriculum. In this presentation, one form of integration of telecollaboration with collaborators from a different discipline into a semester long class project will be presented. Students in a third-year Japanese class in an American university worked in groups for their class project: digital storytelling. During the process, the students had opportunities to ask questions to students from a Japanese university in a closed group on Facebook. These opinions were then used as puzzle pieces to complete their final products. The presenters will also share how these puzzle pieces fit in their final products by showing examples, and reflections from students. Finally, the presenters will suggest a tele-partial-collaboration for in-class collaboration to inspire audiences to utilize telecollaboration creatively.