APVEA 2017 schedule

The second APVEA conference schedule

Roundtable 2

The INTENT project group's position paper on virtual exchanges defines these activities as being “…technology-enabled, sustained, people to people education programs”. This very broad definition gives instructors and program creators a great deal of flexibility in selecting the technology to use in their particular program. Traditionally email, and online discussion forums have been the most popular, but instructors also set up ways for students to exchange video, and audio files or use wikis, Social Network Systems (Facebook,Twitter, Google +) or messaging systems (Line, WhatsApp).

With the growth in the popularity of learning management systems (LMS) like Moodle many of these methods can be set up and monitored inside the LMS making the instructor and students’ lives simpler. Even with the benefits that an LMS has to offer there are still problems. Having taken part in VE for the past three years using the forum and the database modules in Moodle I have experienced the difficulty in monitoring student participation and heard students’ complaints about the inconvenience of following the threads they are involved in. These are two areas that need to be addressed as well as ways activities can be designed to motivate students to actively participate in the online exchanges.

This panel discussion will look at the many ways of conducting a virtual exchange and discuss the pros and cons of each to hopefully identify features that could be put into a mobile app or a module for an LMS. Those attending will be asked to participate and give their ideas on this important design aspect of VE.