APVEA 2017 schedule

The second APVEA conference schedule

"Rethinking Collaboration in Telecollaboration"

In telecollaboration, the main goals of projects have been the development of linguistic and intercultural competences while the collaboration aspect has been often overlooked. This research examined how university students from Japan and the USA collaborated in telecollaboration over one semester. Students engaged in forum discussions in both English and Japanese for the purposes of learning other perspectives and gaining cultural awareness. The nature of their collaboration was assessed using the framework of team learning behavior (Van den Bossch et al., 2011) in a mixed methods approach. The results from the survey and analysis of posting activities revealed some challenges to achieving successful collaboration: discussions lacked depth and tasks were level inappropriate. One recommended solution is to include into the telecollaboration process decision-making activities, which require students to convince and compromise with each other in order to achieve a final shared outcome.