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Virtual exchanges for foreign language learning: Present and Future Trends

Leonardi Lucky Kurniawan

Polytechnic of Ubaya, Surabaya, Indonesia

I am a senior faculty at Polytechnic of Ubaya, Surabaya, Indonesia. I have been teaching at Polytechnic of Ubaya for over 20 years and currently I am the coordinator of EFL programs. My recent interests are Extensive Reading and Intercultural Communication.

Technology innovation has a significant impact on the way foreign language learning occurs and the internet is now becoming one of the primary media of literacy and communication practices. The globalization and the rapid development of technology create borderless world and consequently change the way people learn a foreign language. To meet the challenges of fast-paced globalization and a more demanding high-tech environment of the future, a virtual exchange program is recommended. Participating in a virtual exchange is one of the best ways to learn a new language, and to brush up on your skills with a language that you have already been learning for a while. It is also the most effective method to bridge the gap between classroom learning and communicating in the real world. Planning and conducting virtual exchanges are likely to be time-consuming and quite challenging , but the benefits and learning opportunities for students are well worth the effort.