APVEA 2017 schedule

The second APVEA conference schedule

"Some keys to creating a successful virtual intercultural exchange within a language class: a view from the creator of a longstanding project

This talk - based on the well-known Cultura Project - will first present its origins and goals, then focus on three main areas: (1) the prerequisites for setting-up a virtual exchange (in terms of partners, materials, etc.); (2) the essential pedagogical underpinnings (in terms of how students interact, collaborate and construct their understanding of the other culture; (3) the multifaceted role of the teacher from guideline and task creator to evaluator.

The examples provided will focus on exchanges between American and French students, but will also touch on some Asian-based exchanges.

The overall goal of this address is to provide a very concrete illustration of what an intercultural exchange may look like, while highlighting some of the essential pedagogical features that need to underlie all virtual exchanges.