Saturday 4th Dec. Brisbane, Australia time (Zoom links will appear here on the day of the conference)

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Meeting ID 846 9973 7779  passcode 200076

10am ~ 10:50

First Keynote: Yuka Akiyama, Tokyo University, Japan

Reflecting on the Last Decade of Telecollaboration and E-tandem Research: What Can We Learn from and Contribute to the More Recent Models of Virtual Exchange?

(sincere apologies - due to unforeseen circumstances in Chile, our two keynote speakers have changed their time slot at the last moment. I do apologize and ask for your understanding.)

11:00 ~ 11:25

Students' perspectives on study abroad online

Chika KITANO, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

11:30 ~ 11:55

Impact of Online Intercultural Interactions with Filipino Students in Intercultural Communication Seminar

Dr. Eiko UJITANI, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Aichi, Japan

11:50 ~ 13:00 Lunch

13:00 ~ 13:25

A new peer learning approach: Collaboration of diversified teams and practices of workplace success essential skills

Prof. David WANG, DePaul University Chicago, United States

Ms. Lisa WARSHAW, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (retired)

13:30 ~ 13:55

The impact of virtual exchange on pre-service teachers’ beliefs on the use of technology in education

Dr. Hisae MATSUI, Princeton University Princeton, United States

Dr. Momoyo SHIMAZU, Kansai University, Japan

14:00 ~ 14:40

Virtual exchange in Islamic Studies in a multilingual and multi-confessional environment

Dr. Daria ULANOVA, St. Petersburg State University St. Petersburg, Russian Federation,

Prof. Oleg REDKIN St. Petersburg State University

Dr. Anna MATOCHKINA St. Petersburg State University

Ms. Philomena MEECHAN University of Michigan

Mr. Todd AUSTIN University of Michigan

14:45 ~ 15:10

Scoping review of virtual exchange programs during Covid-19 in Asia Pacific

Dr. Ariunaa Enkhtur, Dr. Xixi Zhang, Dr. Ming Li, Center for Global Initiatives, Osaka University

15:15 ~ 15:40

Leveraging the Power of L2 for Virtual Exchange: Design and Data from a Dual Language-Learning Project

Dr. Nancy RUTHER, Gazelle International Connecticut, United States

Ms. Sarah RABKE Gazelle International

15:45 ~ 16:10

Virtual Exchange during the Pandemic and Beyond: The Potential of a Telecollaborative Translation Course for Fostering Intercultural Communicative Competence

Ms. Raphaelle BEECROFT, Kalrsruhe University of Education Bruchsal, Germany

16:15 ~ 16:40

Transforming College Lyric Diction Courses Through Virtual Exchange

Dr. Timothy CHEEK, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Prof. Leonardo DE LISI Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini, Florence, Italy

16:45 ~ 17:10

Students' readiness to experience virtual exchangeDr. Małgorzata MARCHEWKA

Dr. Małgorzata MARCHEWKA, Cracow University of Economics Lesser, Poland

17:15 ~ 17: 40

A preliminary study of virtual exchange as part of blended mobility: a case of foreign language classes in China and the UK

Dr. Zhiyan GUO, School of Modern Languages and Cultures University of Warwick Coventry, United Kingdom

Sunday 5th

Zoom link for today

Meeting ID: 843 9369 6621
Passcode: 945808

9am ~9:25 Brisbane, Australia time

Two case studies of Language Learning Social Networking Sites as blended tools to learn Spanish as a Foreign Language via Virtual Language Exchange (Short Paper)

Miguel Angel SAONA-VALLEJOS, Liverpool John Moores University Manchester, United Kingdom

9:30 ~ 9:55

Incorporating more virtual features into a VE project

Prof. Masahito WATANABE, Yokohama National University Yokohama, Japan

10am ~ 10:40

Implementing a Successful VE program: A multi-team Strategy

Rositsa (Rosi) LEON, DePaul University Chicago, United States

Dr. Gianmario BESANA, DePaul University

10:45 ~ 11:15

Virtual Exchange: The Nature of Collaboration in Sound for the Visual Medium

Robert STEEL, DePaul University Chicago, United States

John PHILLIPS, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

11:20 ~ 12:10

Second Keynote: Prof. Emerita Bañados-Santana, Universidad de Concepción, Chile.

Virtual Exchange in Latin America

12:15 ~ 12:40

Closing forum

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