Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers:

We are fortunate to have two exceptional speakers this year:

Our first speaker has his finger on the pulse of Virtual Exchange around the world. Mohamed Abdel-Kader is Executive Director of the Stevens Initiative at the Aspen Institute. He previously served in the administration of President Barack Obama as Deputy Assistant Secretary for International and Foreign Language Education at the US Department of Education. In that role, Mohamed was responsible for encouraging and promoting the study of foreign languages and the study of the cultures of other countries at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels in the United States.
Before joining the US Department of Education, Mohamed served in various roles at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and at George Mason University where he led various international strategy efforts. He has advised clients on organizational strategy, doing business in emerging markets. He is a Truman National Security Fellow, an Eisenhower Fellow and is the author of a children’s book about stereotypes. Mohamed is a trustee of the Longview Foundation for International Education & World Affairs.

We are honored to have Yuka Akiyama (Ph.D. in Linguistics, Georgetown University) present too. She is a Junior Associate Professor/Lecturer at the University of Tokyo. Her research interests include second language acquisition (SLA), task-based language teaching, and discourse analysis in the context of virtual exchange. Her publications on various video-mediated eTandem projects have appeared in journals such as Language Learning, Modern Language Journal, TESOL Quarterly, System, and CALICO Journal.

We are privileged to have such wonderful keynote speakers for APVEA2021. You can see their presentation titles and abstracts here.

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