Third biennial APVEA conference - 2019

Venue: Hangzhou Dianzi University - Xiasha campus
Dates: May 18-19

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The theme for the third conference is "Virtual Exchange and the intertwining of language with culture"

Proposals in the form of short papers (25 minutes), full papers (40 minutes) posters (1 hour), or panel discussions (90 minutes) addressing the theme are particularly welcome. Submissions may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Virtual exchange best practice
  • Virtual exchange research design
  • Showcasing of virtual exchange activities
  • Virtual exchange with language learning as the focus
  • International relations via virtual exchange
  • Intercultural exchange
  • Virtual exchanges for specific contexts and purposes

All those dedicated to developing virtual exchange are invited to contribute their expertise.

More details of the conference submission process are available in the menus of this site (you will have to have/create an account to access this - follow the directions at the link) or you can click here and, after logging in/creating an account, you can submit your proposal.

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