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Dr. Nancy RUTHER
Gazelle International Connecticut United States
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Ms. Sarah RABKE Gazelle International
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Presentation title
Leveraging the Power of L2 for Virtual Exchange: Design and Data from a Dual Language-Learning Project
Presentation abstract
In this session, we showcase a virtual exchange (VE) project from the Spring 2021 term, “Défi Gourmand/ Gourmet Challenge,” that focused on language learning of both French and English. In Défi Gourmand/ Gourmet Challenge, students participated in team building activities and then conceived, wrote, produced, directed, shot, and edited their own short digital video project, a French/United States cooking show with the final goal of exposing students to the history and cultural perceptions of preparing, cooking, and consuming food in both countries and the multiple cultures and heritages found within them. We give participants a full overview of this CLICK project--Gazelle International’s program for VE--from the beginning stages of backward design and the teachers’ decisions on goals, through the implementation of the project over ten weeks, to the post-project survey results from students. The presentation’s holistic perspective of both design and data will demonstrate why it is important, especially in a dual language-learning context, to begin with goals before logistics and content when creating the VE syllabus and how a project-based learning approach that leverages the power of the L2 can improve student achievement of important competencies and skills. Through our analysis of this project’s design and the positive reflective survey results, as well as our previous work with language-focused CLICK VE, in this presentation we offer suggestions for how to integrate VE into participants’ language courses and curriculum. Participants will: --Learn about the importance of virtual exchange, especially in L2 education. --Analyze the design and implementation of a past project to understand how both languages were highlighted in all steps of the process. --Explore quantitative and qualitative self-reported student responses from pre- and post- surveys and analyze how the data from this dual language-learning project compares with our overall CLICK results. --Hear student responses to what has been most challenging and most rewarding about participating in a language-focused virtual exchange. --Consider what this data means for making virtual exchange mainstream.
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L2 education, virtual exchange, CLICK, collaboration, project-based learning, intercultural competence, backward design
Integrating virtual exchange
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Submitted: Saturday, 31 July 2021, 12:11 PM
Modified: Saturday, 31 July 2021, 12:11 PM
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