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Prof. David WANG
DePaul University Chicago United States
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A new peer learning approach: Collaboration of diversified teams and practices of workplace success essential skills
Presentation abstract
Our workshop shares a new, patented online Peer Learning initiative that enhances teamwork and cross-cultural understanding among students throughout the world. The approach was used in one of the private business schools in the US for 10 years and is now available to all schools. The workshop engages conference attendees in the collaborative activities that students experience using the Peer Learning initiative. Four main objectives include: (1) engage students in online environments – asynchronous or synchronous; (2) encourage students with different cultural background to learn from each other and challenge each other’s opinions respectfully; (3) use peer learning to practice and improve career-related skills in a multi-national setting – specifically improving critical thinking, communication and the skill of offering constructive feedback to members of culturally diverse teams, and (4) acknowledge traditional shortcomings of peer learning, and apply a unique, patented approach to overcome them. In the workshop we will demonstrate the use of peer learning to enhance experiences of culturally diverse teams. Each peer learning activity includes 3 phases (the default is anonymity to peers): Phase 1 is a submission responding to questions provided by the professor. Phase 2 involves students assigning qualitative and quantitative feedback to peers, based on evaluation criteria from the professor. For Phase 3, students score the quality of classmates’ written feedback; e.g., is feedback constructive, helpful? When working with a diverse group, students discover new ways to approach problems, challenge their own thinking about the best approach to address complex course concepts, learn and practice the elements of effective/ constructive feedback, and have opportunities to enhance their critical thinking skills. It also allows the professor to observe how students evaluate each other’s work and communicate with each other. Given the generic nature of the peer learning platform, it can be easily customized into all types of courses based on the professors’ learning objectives. Current use-case: We are using this new approach to peer learning in the audit data analytics course that also aims to enhance student learning and cultural sensitivity through the Global Learning Experiences (GLE) which aims to prepare students for global citizenship and success through collaboration with international partner institutions.
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GLE, peer learning
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Submitted: Friday, 30 April 2021, 7:22 AM
Modified: Friday, 30 April 2021, 7:22 AM
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