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Title : An Exploratory Study of Changes in IT-Based Foreign Language Learning Methods (FLLM) in the Era of Big Data
Type : Keynote
Category : Keynote speech
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This lecture, based on the social-cultural perspectives of language learning, talks about the changes in IT-based FLLM in Big Data Era and their implications on the foreign language teaching (FLT) reform in China. The arguments in the lecture are presented in terms of the changes in IT-based FLLM, majorly covering these issues: (a) the features and functions of Big Data in all aspects of human society; (b) the rapid growth and changes of Big Data and their impacts on the birth and development of internet; and (c) Big Data as the triggers on the FLT reform and IT-based growth of FLLM in China. The lecture discusses the above issues majorly from the social cultural perspectives, triggering some reflections on the inadequacies of the present language education and FLT and raising some hot issues for further research.

Keywords : Big Data, Foreign Language Learning Methods (FLLM)
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Main presenter : Dr. Chen Jianlin
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Affiliation : Shanghai International Studies University (Shanghai, CHINA)
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